What is Osteopathy?

"Osteopathy uses manual manipulation and physical therapy to treat problems with the neuromusculoskeletal system. It

is a form of alternative medicine that discourages the use of pharmacology and enhances the body’s own ability to defend,

heal and repair itself. It is based around a number of principles that focus on the body as a whole including how structure

and functioning of the body are related and affects how the body works as a unit."


Who can have osteopathic treatment?

"Osteopathic treatment is suitable for nearly anyone at any age. It can also be given to pregnant women with

musculoskeletal complaints from the second trimester of pregnancy and can have benefits preparing for delivery and

post delivery . Cranio sacral therapy treatment is very beneficial for new borns but also has a positive effect on older

children and adults."


What does a typical treatment involve?

“Typically, the initial treatment will take longer than any subsequent treatments. This is because a detailed case history

has to be taken about the complaint and any past medical history as well as general health questions. An observation

is then required where it is not abnormal for the patient to be asked to dress down to their underwear. Shorts and a

strap top are acceptable. Appropriate examinations are then carried out so a concise diagnosis can be made.


When there is a working diagnosis, treatment can commence which will consist of a variety of techniques including

articulations, soft tissue techniques, lymphatic drainage, and manipulations."

The amount of treatments that are required depends of the complaint and how the patient responds to treatment. In

some cases maintenance treatments are necessary as well as some rehabilitation work to help retain the benefits of

osteopathic treatment.”