"As a former patient of Michaela, it is for me an absolute pleasure and indeed privilege to be able to write this Testimonial

in respect of the treatment that I received from her.


I first met Michaela whilst I was attending the Surrey Institute of Osteopath Medicine where she was undergoing her

training to become a fully qualified Osteopath. Having been a patient with the Clinic for a number of years, due to issues

that I have had with my lower back due principally to sports injuries, I have always been extremely happy with the

treatment which I have received, and indeed have been extremely grateful for it. 

It soon became very apparent that Michaela was not only extremely competent and skilled in her treatment, but as

importantly in her ability to quickly identify and assess the problem. The thoroughness with which she approached

each session never wavered throughout the time that I was fortunate to have been working with her, and her level

of professionalism was exceptional.

In addition to her unquestionable ability as an osteopath, albeit under training at the time, as a patient it became very

evident that Michaela had equally outstanding people skills, something that most definitely cannot be learnt from a

book or from lectures! Her very caring attitude and demeanour most definitely complemented her professional skills as

an osteopath, and thereby contributed greatly towards the overall success of each session attended.


Throughout the time that I was being treated by Michaela whilst attending the gym with my trainer, without

exception, I always consulted her on the training that I was undertaking, and as a result had the facility of her input

which I then discussed with my trainer. This not only demonstrates the value of working in tandem with two

professionals, but more importantly highlights the interest and commitment that Michaela shows to her patients, and

her willingness to 'go that extra mile' to achieve the best results.


The combination of working both with Michaela and my trainer has resulted in the fact that now I have thankfully no

further problems with my lower back, and that is something that I unreservedly attribute to the treatment and

commitment that I received from Michaela.


In writing this Testimonial I am more than confident that Michaela will enjoy success and respect in her chosen career,

and that the patients for whom she has responsibility in treatment, will benefit greatly from her clinical skills and her

warm and caring personality. I therefore unequivocally recommend her, and know that she will continue to be a

credit to her profession, her family and most importantly, to herself."